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Hello everyone, I am a very eager fan of Alex Rider. I have read all the books except for Scorpia Rising (novel). I am very eager to read it!

Alex Rider Background

Books I have Read


  • Stormbreaker (Novel)
  • Stormbreaker (Graphic Novel)
  • Point Blank (Novel)
  • Point Blank (Graphic Novel)
  • Eagle Strike (Novel)
  • Scorpia (Novel)
  • Ark Angel (Novel)
  • Snakehead (Novel)
  • Crocodile Tears (Novel)
  • Scorpia Rising (Novel)


  • Alex Rider: The Gadgets

Books I Own

  • Crocodile Tears (Novel)
    I read all the other ones thanks to my School Library.

Other Media


I haven't been on this wiki for very long, so I don't have many friends

Things to do on this wiki

  • Make/Improve Templates

Completed Templates

I don't mean to brag in any way, but the following are templates that I made for this wiki:

Wiki Templates

User Templates

Other Wikis

I'm on too many wikis, so just go here.