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Love Alex Rider? Love Alex Rider fan fiction? The Alex Rider Fan Fiction Awards (ARFFA) aim to recognize the best and most popular fan fiction in the Alex Rider fandom.


The Alex Rider Fan Fiction Awards were opened for nominations in the FanFiction.Net (FFN) forum named "The Royal & General Bank" by the users To Kill a Mockingjay and PsychoWing. Fan fiction awards are not in themselves a new phenomena. Especially within the FFN community, they are often organized by the leaders in that particular fanon's fiction and occur annually.


The ARFFA is in its first year, and for now seems to be quite small. But the organizers hope to conduct the Awards annually, hopefully gaining a wide following of Alex Rider fans through time.


Nominations for the Awards will remain open until November 1st. All nominated fan fiction's must be of the Alex Rider fandom, and adhere to a set category. The Royal & General Bank forums are hosting the threads where registered FFN users can nominate only one of their favorites per category, and at the publishing of this article the category with the most nominations was "Best Portrayal of Genre" with seventeen nominations.


Find info about the ARFFA scattered around the Royal & General Bank forums. Since the Alex Rider Wiki is it's official sponsor, most information pertaining to the Awards will be organized through articles on this wiki. Feel free to leave questions on this article or any thread on the Royal & General Bank forum.

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