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The Alex Rider Wiki's policy was changed slightly. View the new policy here. The exact changes are listed below.

  • Created "Plagarism" section: Plagarism is the exact copying of content against copyrights and / or without crediting the original source. This will not be tolerated on the Alex Rider Wiki. Admins and users are expected to be an active part in preventing the spread of plagarism by reporting suspicious content and / or finding and crediting the source(s) of the article information.

    The following is copyrighted under English and American law, and unless explicit permission is given by the copyright holder to the user it is not to be implimented on this wiki.

  • Any text or content from the Alex Rider novels and graphic novels
  • Walker Books, Penguin Group, and any of their trademarks / logos
For more indepth information on these companies copyright, please visit the Alex Rider Official Website's "General Legal Notices" page.