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7/26/11 - CBR

Antony Johnston, adaptor of the Alex Rider graphic novels, will be present at the San Diego Comic-Con!

His schedule is as follows.


  • 12.00-12.45: Oni Press, #1833
  • 4.00-5.00: Marvel, #2329


  • 11.00-12.00: Marvel, #2329
  • 1.45-2.45: Marvel Spider-Man Panel, Room 6DE
  • 6.00-6.45: Oni Press, #1833


  • 10.00-10.45: Oni Press, #1833
  • 3.00-3.45: Oni Press, #1833

Also, view the current Comic-Con report (featuring Johnston) on Comic Book Resources.

I was in the vicinity of the Oni Press booth, so I walked over to see Antony Johnston, writer of Wasteland (among other things). Christopher Mitten, until recently the artist of Wasteland, was sitting next to him, and it’s always good to see those gentlemen. Johnston missed the con last year, so it was good he could get back to it. I asked, of course, about the future of Wasteland, as its schedule has hit a serious snag recently, and Johnston said it was definitely back on track, and he figured in the new year it would get back to (mostly) monthly scheduling. Issue #31, he said, should be out soon, and after that, things should ramp back up. Wasteland is a tremendous comic, so I’m glad its problems seemed to have been ironed out. Johnston is also writing a new graphic novel from Marvel (a new graphic novel from Marvel?) called Daredevil: Season One, which retells, he said, the first six issues of the series from a new perspective. No, it’s not the boldest move by Marvel, but considering it’s been years since they’ve done OGNs (and Joey Q has been notoriously against them), it’s a step in the right direction. You can read more about the “series” here, even though they got a couple of things wrong early in the article (Marvel has published graphic novels before, and 2012 is not the company’s 50th anniversary). I’m totally getting the McKelvie X-Men book and the Cullen Bunn Spider-Man book, as well as Johnston’s. Meanwhile, Mitten is working on a new iteration of Criminal Macabre with Steve Niles, which will begin soon in Dark Horse Presents. You know you want to buy it!

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