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For anyone who's wondering, I'm slowly and methodically combing through every article on this wiki from A to Z and adding a "Sources" section at the end of the article.

One of the first things I noticed about this wiki was it's apparent lack of sources cited. I plan to change that through a time-consuming campaign I like to call "The Sources Patrol." Anyone can join me, just put the message "I'm part of the Sources Patrol" on your profile.


A certain format for the listed sources should be followed. It is below.

  • Photo: [none or the web address]
  • General information: various sources, including but not limited to:
    • [for a book, the book name in italics and the author. Books are a primary source, so put "(primary)" next to each]
    • [for a website, an active web address]


Why do we need sources?

Well, it makes the information more creditable and accurate. It also helps people reading the article find even more places to track down the information they might need.

Why bother? This must take a lot of time.

"The journey of a thousand miles begins with just one step." Never give up, never give in. Perservere! After a lot of hard work and time we can do it! If you join, it will happen faster than if it's just me.

What's a "primary source?"

A primary source is an original, authentic source. Like a letter from a soldier in World War II is a primary source, while a paper written on that letter is called a secondary source. But you need only state the primary here.

I still have a question.

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