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It was a typical Venetian palace, pink and white, its narrow windows built into a fantastic embroidery of pillars, arches and balustrades, like something out of Romeo and Juliet. But what made the place so unforgettable was its position. It didn't just face the Grand Canal. It sank right into it, the water lapping against the brickwork.

—Alex thinking about the position of the Widow's Palace

The Widow's Palace (or Ca' Vedova) appears in the novel Scorpia & Russian Roulette.


The Widow's Palace is located in Venice, Italy next to the Grand Canal.



It is a typical Venetian palace, situated along the Grand Canal. Julia Rothman and the base of operations of SCORPIA are housed within its walls. The palace is pink and white and has a glorious interiror with mosaic-covered ceilings and galleries. Alex Rider was captured and locked in an underground cell below the palace to drown as the canal waters rise.